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In Vitro Neurotoxicity Contract Services 


In vitro toxicity services would not be complete without the ability to test for neurotoxicity. Unlike most of its in vitro toxicity services that focus on primary cell systems, HemoGenix® has partnered with ArunA Biomedical to provide an innovative and unique contract service that combines the HemoGenix® validated ATP bioluminescence readout system with human embryonic stem (hES) cell-derived neural stem/progenitor cells (hNP1 cells) as targets to produce the NeuroGlo™-Tox HT Platform.


Benefits of Using NeuroGlo™-Tox HT for Predictive In Vitro Neurotoxicity Testing
  • In vitro assay platform using human ES-derived hNP1 Neural Progenitor Cells or hN2 Neuonal cells for in vitro neurotoxicity testing.
  • Incorporates the most sensitive ATP bioluminescence readout available to measure proliferation, cytotoxicity, cell number and even apoptosis.
  • NeuroGlo™-Tox HT is a calibrated and fully standardized assay platform allowing results to be compared over time.
  • NeuroGlo™-Tox HT incorporates specific neural growth media.
  • High-throughput capability using 96- or 384-well plate formats allows ADME-Tox drug or compound screening, thereby significantly reducing unexpected results during pre-clinical testing.
  • 2D and 3D stem cell culture and high throughput toxicity testing capability.
  • Results usually within 7 days.
  • Validated readout according to FDA Bioanalytical Method Guidelines.
  • Designed for multiplexing with other assay using the same sample (see below).
  • A 3Rs Assay Platform-Helps Reduction, Refinement, Replacement for animal testing.


 hNP1 ES-Derived Neural Cells for Toxicity Testing
  • Human ES (H9, WA09)-derived Neural Progenitor Cells
  • Feeder-free
  • Serum-free growth
  • Stable, diploid karyotype Adherent, proliferating cell line
  • Proneural markers: >90% Nestin and Sox 2 positive
  • Embryonic marker: <5% Oct-4
  • Phenotypic differentiation potential:
    • Dopaminergic cells
    • Cholinergic cells
    • Glutametergic cells
    • GABA-ergic cells
    • Serotonergic cells
    • Astrocytic cells 
 NeuroGlo™-Tox HT Multiplexing Capability

  • Membrane integrity: LDH and/or PI
  • Biochemical apoptosis assays: Caspases
  • FloDiff™: Cell cycle and apoptosis
  • OxyFLOW: Oxidative DNA Damage
  • Oxidative stress: GSH
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction: Mitochondrial ToxGlo™