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New Perspectives in Cord Blood Testing 

Join us for a webinar on Jun 30, 2015 at 9:00 AM MDT.
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Umbilical cord blood testing has not changed in more than 25 years. NetCord-FACT designates current cord blood testing as "minimum guidelines" comprising of total nucleated cell (TNC) counts, viability, CD34 and CFU. Indeed, virtually all cord blood testing parameters are based on TNC, from the decision to store a unit to the correlation with clinical outcome (time to engraftment).

New data has now called into serious question the use of "minimum guidelines".

This webinar will focus on the following aspects of cord blood testing:

1. Compliance with Statutes.

2. Some basic facts regarding cord blood and its cost-effectiveness.

3. The meaning of the term, "high-quality" cord blood unit.

4. The assumptions used in cord blood testing and their consequences.

5. The "Null Hypothesis" of cord blood testing.

6. How new technology rejects the "Null Hypothesis" of cord blood testing.

7. How to accurately and reliably measure cord blood quality and potency and its relationship to cord blood graft failure.

8. New perspectives in cord blood testing.

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