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Cell and Tissue Culture and Microscope Accessory Product Applications


In vitro culture of cells and tissues provides surrogate technology in place of using large numbers of animals in research, drug and cosmetic development, environmental testing and several other applications. Reduction, Refinement and Replacement represents the 3Rs signifying that alternative technology can be used in place of animals. Many cell and tissue culture techniques involve observation, measurement and recording of biological and physiological parameters under specific environmental conditions using a microscope. To this end, Pecon GmbH has designed and developed specialized tissue culture and microscope products that allow in vitro culture to better simulate the in vivo environment. As the exclusive distributor of these products in the United States, HemoGenix® provides a wide selection of tissue culture products and microscope accessories to help the investigator achieve their goals.


More detailed information on these products can be found at Products: Tissue Culture & Microscope.



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The POC Tissue Culture Chamber System

Designed for performing, observing and recording cell growth, differentiation and responses of cells using an inverted or upright microscope. These tissue culture chamber systems can be used to perfuse or culture cells under static conditions in either an "open" or "closed" chamber format. The chambers have also been designed to fit into many different types of heated or unheated microscope mounting frames and inserts.



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FoilCovers and Glass Covers

To reduce evaporation of liquid in different types of culture vessels, FoilCovers and Glass Covers are used.






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Microscope Mounting Frames and Inserts

Culture chambers, slides, Petri dishes, plates and flasks all have different dimensions. Microscope mounting frames and inserts hold these vessels on the microscope stage, allowing the cells to be viewed either under unheated, heated or cooled conditions.







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Microscope Incubators

For more sophisticated microscopic techniques, it is also possible to control the temperature, humidity, CO2 and even the O2 concentration using microscope incubators.