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Blood Forming Cells

Assays for Cells of the Blood-Forming System

HemoGenix® has the largest portfolio of hematopoietic cell culture assays than any other company worldwide. In addition, all assays are available to detect and measure up to 8 different stem cell, 9 progenitor cell and 3 precursor cells populations from 8 different species (human, primate, horse, sheep, pig, dog, rat and mouse).


The assays are divided into 2 primary catagories:

A. Clonal, methylcellulose, colony-forming cell (CFC) or colony-forming unit (CFU) differentiation assays.

B. Non-clonal, non-methylcellulose, instrument-based hematopoietic proliferation assays. 


A. Clonal, Methylcellulose, CFC / CFU Differentiation Assays

These include:

  • ColonyGro™: Traditional CFC / CFU assays performed in 35mm Petri dishes using a 1mL culture volume with colony counting after 12-14 days of culture.
  • CAMEO™-4: A miniaturized CFC / CFU assay performed in quardruplicate wells of a 35mm Petri dish using 0.1mL/well culture volume with colony counting after 9-10 days of culture.
  • CAMEO™-96: The only standardized CFC / CFU methylcellulose assay performed in a 96-well plate using 0.1mL/well culture volume. Colonies are counted after 7-9 days in culture followed by quantitative measurement of colony cell proliferation using an ATP bioluminescence endpoint. The endpoint is similar to that used for all HALO® assays summaried below.


B. Non-Clonal, Non-Methylcellulose, Instrument-Based Proliferation Assays

Development of a Suspension Expansion Culture™ (SEC™) Technology by HemoGenix® allowed assay platforms to be developed that do not require the use of methylcellulose and directly and quantitatively measure hematopoietic cell proliferation. These assays include:

  • HALO® (Hematopoietic Assays via Luminescence Output): A family of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell proliferation assays for basic and stem cell research, cellular therapy/regenerative medicine and toxicology. All of these assays are based on a fully standardized and validated ATP bioluminescence endpoint.
  • HemoFLUOR™: Similar to HALO®, but using a fluorescence endpoint based on "live protease" detection.
  • HemoLIGHT™: Similar to HALO® and HemoFLUOR, but incorporate an absorbance/coloimetric endpoint.


CellExpand™ and HemoGro™ 

CellExpand™ are Suspension Expansion Culture™ (SEC™) Growth Media that contain growth factors cocktails similar to those used for HALO®, HemoFLUOR™ and HemoLIGHT™ assays. These media are used to culture and expand all of the different hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell populations individually. For human, primate and mouse, CellExpand™ is also available as a serum-free formulation.

HemoGro™ is specially formulated for all HemoGenix proliferation assays. It is available as a serum-free formulation for human, primate and mouse cells and as a low serum formulation for all species.