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Immune Cells

Assays for Lymphopoietic and Immune Cells


These assays are used for multiple applications including, but not limited to, lymphopoietic stem cell research, basic immunology, clinical applications, immune interactions and immunotoxicology.


Assays for this system may be divided into 3 primary groups:

  1. Detection of T-lymphopoietic progenitor cells
  2. Lymphocyte proliferation assays
  3. Mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC) or reaction (MLR) assays.

All 3 test systems are available as bioluminescence, fluorescence or absorbance/colorimetric assays, thereby providing the flexibility to use any endpoint depending on the type of plate reader available.


T-Lymphocyte Progenitor Cells

T-lymphocyte progenitor cells can be stimulated with:

  • IL-2 alone (available as a HALO® assay)
  • CD3 + CD28, or
  • IL-2 + CD3 + CD28

These specialized assays for T-cell progenitor (TCP) cells are:

  • ImmunoGlo™-96 TCP: Bioluminescence endpoint.
  • ImmunoFluor™-96 TCP: Fluorescence endpoint.
  • ImmunoLight™-96 TCP: Absorbance endpoint.


Lymphocyte Proliferation Assays

These are flexible to stimulate and detect virtually any T-cell or B-cell subpopulation using the user's own growth medium. In addition, real time and toxicity assays are also available.


Mixed Lymphocyte Culuter (MLC) Assays

For 1- or 2-way mixed lymphocyte reactions.