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LIVEGlo™ is a in vitro metabolic viability and cellular functionality assay for virtually any cell type to determine cellular and mitochondrial integrity.


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Applications / Research Area
  • To substantiate whether dye exclusion viability is causing false positive results.
  • To determine cellular and mitochondrial integrity.
  • To use in addition to dye exclusion viability to determine viability prior to using cells in vitro
Benefits and Uses of LIVEGlo™
  • LIVEGlo™ is a fully standardized viability and cellular functionality assay.
  • Results within 30 minutes.
  • Directly compare viability results from single or multiple cell sources over time.
  • Provides additional assurance that a dye exclusion viability method does not produce false positive results.
  • LIVEGlo™ incorporates proven ATP bioluminescence technology for fast, highly sensitive and reliable results.


 Cell Types Used with LIVEGlo™

  • Virtually any mammalian cell type
 How Can LIVEGlo™ be Used?

For Research Use Only. Not for clinical diagnostic use. 

 LIVEGlo™ Assay Kit Contents
  • ATP standard
  • ATP controls
  • ATP Enumeration Reagent
  • Non-sterile, 96-well plates
  • Instruction manual
 LIVEGlo™ Information Flyer, QuickGuide and Assay Manual

LIVEGlo™ Information Flyer