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Stem Cells & Explanted Cells

Assays for Primary Explanted Cells, ES and iPS Cells, Tranformed Cell Lines and Cancer Cells


This diversified field of different cell types requires a very flexible array of assays. All of the following assays can be performed using the user's own protocols and growth media to culture the different cell types.


Research Assays

  • STEMGlo™-96 Research, using a standardized bioluminescence endpoint.
  • STEMGlo™-Real Time: A bioluminescence assays to determine cell growth kinetics.
  • STEMClone™: A clonal, methylcellulose assays similar to CAMEO™-96, allowing both proliferation and differentiation of colony-forming cells to be detected.
  • STEMFluor™-96 Research: Similar to STEMGlo™-96 Research, but using a fluorescence endpoint.
  • STEMLight™-96 Research, using an absorbance/colorimetric endpoint.


Clinically Relevent Assays

When ES- or iPS-derived cells or primary explanted cells are used for treatment, the potency of the cells must be measured.

  • STEMGlo™-Potency: A FDA compliant, standardized and validated potency assay that can be used as a basis for measuring potency of many cell types. 


Toxicity Assays