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Advanced Tools

for Stem Cell Research 

Stem and Basic Research, 

Cell Therapy & In Vitro Toxicity Testing


HemoGenix produces assays and reagents and provides contract services for stem and basic research, cell therapy and in vitro toxicity testing. These products have been specifically designed for different cell types, including hematopoietic cells, immune cells, mesenchymal stem cells, hepatocytes, neural cells, ES and iPS cells and more.


While we have a broad line of basic research tools, we strive to continually develop new and innovative assays for cellular therapy and regenerative medicine. These include stem cell quality assays, potency assays and even assays to monitor the outcome of patient stem cell transplantation.


Finally, HemoGenix has been the leader in the in vitro toxicity testing arena since 2000, providing assay kits and contract services from hemotoxicity testing to drug interaction studies, compartive toxicity testing and more recently, nanoparticle testing.


We take pride in our products and services and continue to provide the most advanced tools for all your research needs and outsourcing


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